Unique design and exceptional craftsmanship
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Archiella of Sweden is a design brand based in Gothenburg. With a vision to promote exquisite quality and superior craftsmanship, the collection includes unique interior design objects and accessories with a strong identity and timeless design. Designed in Sweden. Handmade in Italy. An Icon here to stay.

With emphasis placed on environmentally friendly materials and handcrafted objects, Archiella of Sweden presents the essence of quality yet classic design pieces that transcends trends with the ambition to become tomorrow's durability iconic designs : magnificent handmade objects, from elegant pots with environmental friendly details to gorgeous pillow cases in organic cotton, beautiful environmentally friendly handbag made of cork and not but least stunning bangles in ethically sourced leather. 

It all started when I was looking for new pots for my home and discovered early on that there was very little on the market that was in lovely details and nice colors. I therefore took the matter literally into my own hands and bought lots of clay. Started shaping at home in my kitchen, after many failed attempts it stood there. A shape, a design I really thought could be something. What I really wanted to achieve was the sewn edges, the subtle stitching, which today has become Archiella's hallmark.

When, after a while of searching, I found a producer in Italy who could help me.
I have lived in Italy and seen the handicraft and its traditions up close so the choice was easy where to produce. I sent photos of my handmade prototypes and the answer came back quickly "Do you want the pots to have a slightly oblique or straight shape" :)

The ceramic pots are handcrafted by in-house artisans in a small town in the province of Vicenza in north-eastern Italy. The production process which can take up to several months starts by sculpting by hand the details of an original. That is then used to produce a mould, into which ceramic is poured to produce the pots. After weeks the process leads up to the final step of glazing each piece in fantastic colors. Rattan details are then manually crafted for each pot. All the colors of the pots are named after places I have a relation and preference for, like Milano Elegance, Positano Blue and Wimbledon Green. 

Archiella's products are sourced from natural materials and rich in textures. Naturally forest grown Indonesian rattan is used on every pot. The cork used in the collection is a fantastic renewable natural material and is used to make an exclusive and stunning handbag that honors the concept of 3R - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All waste is collected and reused into new products.

The pillow cases are produced using GOTS certified uncoated organic cotton. Our printing process involve minimum ink and fabric losses. Our printing digital printing technology does not require wet post-processing of the material and therefore we do not use water. 

At Archiella of Sweden we believe that forward-looking ideas, and innovative and more natural sourced materials are the key to a promising and viable future.
We want to make design iconic and durability modern.

 Archiella of Sweden was founded by Sofia Bergqvist in 2021 and launched 
during Summer 2022. The name Archiella is a twist on Sofia's son Archie.