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Archiella of Sweden is a design brand based in Gothenburg. With a vision to promote exquisite quality and superior craftsmanship, the collection includes unique interior design objects and accessories with a strong identity and timeless design. Designed in Sweden. Handmade in Sweden and Ukraine. Icons here to stay.

And that's just the way it is. A new unique design on pot is here to stay.
The Icon Pot makes its mark with the classic rattan that meets a colorful palette in the form of pots in fantastic colors that make us both happy and in an eye-catching design that adds color and gold edge to future homes.
Sofia Bergqvist is the name of the colorful creator of the brand Archiella of Sweden, which was founded in 2021 and launched in 2022. Archiella is a spin-off from Sofia's son, whose third name is Archie. Archiella's meaning stands for innovation and power, which are qualities that the brand really stands for, but above all it is quality. Sofia's interest in color and form started already in 2009 when she founded the company Cara Collection. The collection received a lot of attention in Sweden and internationally as she was early with both the webshop and collaborating with a number of personalities, the bloggers of the time. Today it is Pernilla Wahlgren who put the icons and bags in place. In the last season of Wahlgrens Värld, we have been able to see the pots in every episode.

"I love colour, I feel at my best when interior design or clothes are expressed in a personal and colorful style".

My interest in color, shape and design led me to a product where the supply is limited by premium pots, so I literally took matters into my own hands and bought loads of clay and started shaping at home in the kitchen. After several more or less successful attempts, it stood there; something that at least resembled the idea of my new design. Finally found a studio in Italy that could help me produce. Pictures were sent over and I got a quick response; "Do you want it to be a bit crooked and uneven in production?":))
Now her design has taken a new shape. The Icon Pot is the result of craftsmanship in Italy. But starting this year, the pots will be produced at home here in Sweden. "For me, quality is absolutely primary and that an object and its details should last over time. We in Sweden have the obvious tradition and above all in Lidköping where ceramics and porcelain manufacturing are in focus with Rörstrand's history. It was an obvious choice, says Sofia." The pot has two looks in one with its removable rattan that fastens with gold or silver buttons, a detail that adds color and gold edge to future homes.
"The beauty of rattan is also that it is very environmentally friendly, grows quickly, makes the rainforest sustainable and converts CO2 into clean air. The sustainable aspect and how it affects the environment is something I think about a lot. It should not be a red thread in my company but a green one, says Sofia".

Archiella Knitted Handbags is a crochet bag I am extremely proud of. This crochet bag, which comes in a range of lovely colours, was first launched in spring 2023. Since then, they have gained a lot of attention. Pernilla Wahlgren has also shown them here on her Instagram since the launch. The bag, which is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, is made in Ukraine. The company is led by women and works for women. They give the opportunity to women whose husbands were forced into the war, a job and a place to feel safe in. As of this year, an "Archiella department" has been established, which I am extremely proud of. This initiative and female entrepreneurship not only provide many job opportunities, but also contribute to a social context and psychological well-being. "I couldn't feel happier about actually contributing to something so meaningful, says Sofia"

At Archiella of Sweden we believe that forward-looking ideas, and innovative and more natural sourced materials are the key to a promising and viable future.

We want to make design iconic and durability modern.

 Archiella of Sweden was founded by Sofia Bergqvist in 2021 and launched 
during Summer 2022. The name Archiella is a twist on Sofia's son Archie.