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Archiella of Sweden is run by House of Archiella AB

(Org No. 559323-7208). Archiella of Sweden's main goal is for you as a customer to feel satisfied with your purchase and get a product that lasts over time.

All prices on Archiella of Sweden's online store include 25% Swedish VAT. We reserve the right to make price errors and price adjustments. If Archiella of Sweden discovers improper use of discounts & promotions, we reserve the right to adjust this. Please note that discount codes can only be used on items with a regular price.

We only enter into agreements with minors (18 years and over), or minors with the guardian's permission and approval. Any exceptions exist in accordance with the Parental Code.

Archiella of Sweden reserves the right to make "printing errors" and color deviations of products presented on the Archiella of Sweden online store. We work to make our photos as representative as possible and in line with reality. Nor can we guarantee that all images accurately reflect the true appearance of the products.

All goods remain the property of Archiella of Sweden until full payment has been received by the company.

Attempts at fraud are reported to the police. Archiella of Sweden reserves the right to cancel a purchase if fraud is suspected.


• Choose item and size & color
• Place the item in your shopping cart (here you can also delete and change the item
• Shipping depends on the weight of the item. Free shipping over SEK 2000
• Here you can also choose to subscribe to the newsletter
• Choose payment method and accept our terms of purchase at checkout

By accepting Archiella of Sweden's terms of purchase at the same time as you place your order, a binding agreement arises between Archiella of Sweden and you as a customer.

In connection with placing your order, you accept that you will be liable for payment corresponding to the total amount of the order.

When an order is received, an order confirmation is automatically sent by e-mail to your registered e-mail address. This order confirmation also serves as a guarantee certificate and receipt after full payment has been made.

Archiella of Sweden reserves the right to deviate from delivery in cases where the stock balance was incorrect at the time of your order. If Archiella of Sweden cannot deliver according to order confirmation, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to adjust or cancel your order.

You can place your order at Archiella of Sweden online store around the clock, the goods are normally picked the next weekend weekday. More info can be found in the terms of purchase §4 Deliveries.


Archiella of Sweden cooperates with Klarna, which is responsible for the payment process. You can pay with, among others, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro and Klarna Faktura etc.


Archiella of Sweden delivers your order with PostNord by the service recommended which is insured in case of damages or loss with such expensive items.
Normal delivery time is about 2-4 working days with the exception of certain parts of Sweden that do not have daily delivery. If an item should run out or if it is in production, the delivery time may be longer. Archiella's Icon pots take five weeks to manufacture and long delivery times can occur.
In the event of a longer delivery delay, you always have the option to cancel the purchase. In that case, contact Archiella's email, info@archiellaofsweden.com

We send your order to a PostNord agent closest to your delivery address. The cost of the delivery method depends on the weight of the goods. Free shipping over SEK 2000. Notification is via SMS (mobile number is filled in before you complete your purchase at checkout). If mobile number is not specified, the order is announced by letter. When we have packed the goods, you will receive a delivery confirmation via e-mail where you will receive information about your consignment's package ID, which gives you the opportunity to track the goods on www.postnord.se. When parcel arrives to agent you will be notified via sms. Valid identification and the avin or sms must be presented when collecting the consignment. If the package is damaged in any way, it is important that you do not pick up the package but inform the staff at the postal agent that you refuse the package due to damage, and it will be sent back to us.

Shipping fees due to weight:
0-500gram 115 SEK (Embrace Bangle, Icon Piccolo Pot, Jewelry Couch Cushion)
501gram-1kg 130 SEK (Archiella Cork Statement Bag, Icon Medio Pot)
1,1kg-2kg 150 SEK (Icon Grande pot)

Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible with information about your order. It is good if you save the order confirmation as it is valid as a receipt and possibly to have on hand when contacting Customer Service. Have you not received your confirmation? Check in your Spam folder in the email, sometimes it ends up there.

Your package remains at your agent / terminal for 14 days after arrival. Should you not pick up / receive your delivery within these days, the package will automatically be sent back to our warehouse and we will charge you as a customer SEK 200 for non-received goods. This is deducted from the refund for your goods. If you have regretted when the package has been sent from us, you must receive the package and send it back to us, otherwise it will be registered as not received and you as a customer will be charged for these SEK 200. The fee is invoiced by PostNord and can not be affected.


Archiella of Sweden is not satisfied until you as a customer are satisfied. When you shop at Archiella of Sweden online store, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal. The withdrawal period starts the day after you receive your goods. If the last day of the withdrawal period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the withdrawal period is extended so that it also applies to the next working day. Returned goods must be unused and in original packaging and any hangtags must be attached. If this is not the case, a depreciation of 100% of the value of the goods will be deducted upon refund.
You as a customer pay for shipping back in case of right of withdrawal, returns and open purchase. The way of return shipping shall be the same as you received your package. Any questions regarding exchanges and returns, please contact customer service via info@archiellaofsweden.com

Open purchase is valid for 14 days. The returned goods must be in unused and undamaged condition in the original box.
Register your return by emailing info@archiellaofsweden.com for a return shipping note.

It takes up to 14 days for a returned product to be processed and refunded.

Return address:
Archiella of Sweden
Sofia Bergqvist
Kapellplatsen 2
411 31 Göteborg/Gothenburg

Telefon: +46-731-013076


Goods are transported from Sweden. Orders to countries outside the EU may be subject to VAT, import duties and / or taxes levied when your package reaches your country. Archiella of Sweden is not responsible for VAT, customs and / or taxes on orders to countries outside the EU, and we can not predict what special fees may apply. If you incur such additional costs, they must be paid for your package to be declared customs. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

Shipping fees due to weight delivered in Europe:
0-50gram 105 SEK (Embrace Bangle)
250gram-500gram 180 SEK (Icon Piccolo Pot, Jewelry Couch Cushion)
501gram-1kg 240 SEK (Icon Medio Pot, Archiella Cork Statement Bag)
1,1kg-2kg 280 SEK (Icon Grande Pot)

Shipping fees due to weight Worldwide:
0-50gram 110 SEK (Embrace Bangle)
250gram-500gram 190 SEK (Icon Piccolo Pot, Jewelry Couch Cushion)
501gram-1kg 250 SEK (Icon Medio Pot, Archiella Cork Statement Bag)
1,1kg-2kg 290 SEK (Icon Grande Pot)


If the product is damaged or lost during transport, Archiella of Sweden is responsible for payment. However, you must notify our customer service info@archiellaofsweden.com within 2 working days. If the product is damaged or lost when the buyer returns the product, the buyer is responsible for payment, be sure to pack the product properly to avoid damage during transport.


We guarantee that the goods you ordered are faultless upon delivery. It is important to remember that Archiella of Sweden's products are largely handmade and small variations between the products can be expected. Small defects are not uncommon and are not grounds for complaint. If you are unsure whether it is a complaint or not, take pictures of the suspected damage and send in an email to our customer service info@archiellaofsweden.com. Should you receive a defective or incorrectly delivered item, you must contact customer service as soon as possible, but no later than within 4 working days. Return the item in the condition in which it was received accompanied by a claim for damage or defect, and you will receive a defect-free or correct item sent free of charge. The incorrectly delivered product must be in unused and undamaged condition. Return the item together with the payment confirmation. Fill in the reason for the return on the back of the invoice!

NOTE! Before you return defective / incorrectly delivered goods, you must contact customer service at info@archiellaofsweden.com to have the complaint approved and a return shipping note sent out.

The liability for defects in ordered goods is limited to what has now been stated. The Consumer Purchase Act gives you the right to complain about a product within three years, provided that the product was faulty at the time of delivery and it is a production defect.

Secure pages

The pages where sensitive information is transferred, payments and personal data are so-called. secure pages. You as a customer can check that the website you visit is secure in the URL. Normally the addresses start with http: // but if you are on a secure page they start instead with https: // where "s" stands for "secure".

Card payments and 3D Secure

The card transactions are mediated on the market's latest security standard, 3-D Secure. 3-D Secure is the latest standard for securely validating the consumer with their card issuer when making a card purchase online. 3-D Secure is a collective name where "Verified by VISA" and "MasterCard Secure Code" are specific applications for each card company that are currently included in the standard. By applying these security protocols, the card issuing bank provides a payment guarantee in accordance with current rules for "liability shift".

The technology means that when you use your card to buy goods or services on the internet, it is up to your card issuer or bank to identify you. The identification is done by entering a personal password or code at the time of purchase. Via encrypted communication, this is controlled by the card company via a special security server. You have chosen or been assigned this password by the bank that issued the card. The advantage for you as a consumer to use a payment service on the internet that offers 3D Secure means that you get an opportunity to verify that you are the real cardholder, which means less risk of the card being used for fraudulent purposes. You recognize a 3D secure-secured payment solution through "Verified by VISA" and "SecureCode". Please note that 3D Secure only works for you who have obtained the service via your bank.


Archiella of Sweden is exempt from sanction for failure to fulfill a certain obligation under this agreement, if the failure is based on a liberating circumstance as below and the circumstance prevents, complicates or delays the fulfillment. Relieving circumstances include measures or omissions by the authorities, new or changed legislation, conflicts in the labor market, blockades, fires, floods, sabotage or accidents of a large scale or other type of natural disaster. The reservation in respect of, for example, conflict in the labor market and blockade applies even if Archiella of Sweden is the subject of or takes such a conflict measure itself.

Archiella of Sweden is also not obliged to compensate in other cases for damage that arises if Archiella of Sweden has been normally careful. Archiella of Sweden is not liable in any case for indirect damage.

Force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market and products negatively, such as decisions on warning texts, sales bans, etc. or an abnormal decline in the market and whether the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.


Archiella of Sweden's trademark and design are protected worldwide. All copying will be reported.


Read our privacy policy.


Archiella of Sweden
Sofia Bergqvist
Kapellplatsen 2
411 31 Göteborg/Gothenburg

Org.nr 559323-7208
Telephone: +46-731-013076


Disputes under these terms and conditions shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law.

Archiella of Sweden follows the Swedish Consumer Agency's recommendations. See www.konsumentverket.se

In case of problems or questions, please contact us directly by email or phone.