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Archiella Knitted Sparkling Clutch Sainte-Maxime

NEW - Handmade edition from Ukraine

Archiella proudly present its new handmade collection from Ukraine. In an exclusive collaboration has this Ukrainian company made this lovely knitted handbags - This completely new clutch model is a sparkling Summer addition of the exclusive collection. This clutch comes with a chain that easily could be taking off. 
This company takes a great role of social impact for women who's men are forced into the war. Women from the eastern part of Ukraine get an opportunity to work and meet other women in the same situation. A company led by women for women. That's fantastic!
Archiella Knitted Handbag is made by hand in respecting the method called 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

All remaining material is taken care of and reused. The bag is completely environmentally friendly and aspire to show that fashion has a role to play in a more sustainable future. 

Black & white 

Fabric and dimensions:

100% Cotton
Gold plated details 
Black strass stone grade AA

Length: 25cm
Height: 15cm
Width: 1cm
Length of chain: 109 cm

Weight: 0,65kg

Archiella Knitted Sparkling Clutch Sainte-Maxime
Archiella Knitted Sparkling Clutch Sainte-Maxime